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Excellent Support for Dentures, Crowns and Bridges


We replace missing teeth dental implants at our practice serving Scottsdale, Avondale, and the communities throughout the greater Phoenix area.

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Dental implants are the one of the main focus of our practice. They have been the biggest single improvement in the field of dentistry since I started my career. Dental implants can be used to replace individual missing teeth, all the way up to placing permanent fixed teeth of people who have no teeth. There are over a million implants placed in the United States every year. The process is actually becoming more and more streamlined. As technology gets better, the implant systems get better. The ability for a surgeon, like myself, to remove a tooth and place an implant, many times in the same day allows for the process to become much quicker. But ultimately a dental implant is a man-made tooth root that's placed into the bone to replace missing teeth. Ultimately the tooth is placed on the dental implant. The tooth looks like a natural tooth, it's stronger than a natural tooth, and the success rate has been phenomenal. The studies show that the ten-year success rate is greater than 96% to 97%. That means that you have a better than a 97% chance of having them at least ten years. If they last ten years, they can last 15, or 20, 30, many will last a lifetime. The benefits of dental implants are many. It replaces the options of removable appliances, of bridges, or teeth on either side of the implant site have to be cut down. Thus, forevermore you have to have a crown or a cap on the tooth. Dental implants also preserve bone over the years and you end up with a restoration that looks very natural and is very comfortable, and is an individual replacement for a missing tooth. Dental Implants are the ultimate improvement in form and function. You can replace teeth with a very natural-looking tooth that allows you to bite and chew any food that you want, and is very long-lasting. So, it results in a much improved way to treat missing teeth. We are now able to remove teeth and in many cases place an implant on the same day and have a prosthesis available to place immediately so the patient goes back to work without a missing tooth.

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On the night of my procedure, Dr. Guyette called me to see how I was feeling. I thought that was magnificent and it was greatly appreciated! I felt very cared for! Gordon Stein

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