Mole Removal Photo Patient 7

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Mole Removal Before/After Photo

This is a 57-year-old male who came to the office of Dr. Robert Guyette  in Avondale, AZ for a consultation to have his wisdom teeth (third molars) removed.  While Dr. Guyette was discussing the removal of the wisdom teeth, the patient asked about the mole that was present on the left side of his nose.  He commented that the mole had been there for as long as he could remember. . Dr.Guyette  determined that the skin color lesion was benign and that it could be removed at the same time as the extraction of the third molars.  The patient had both procedures done a few weeks later under IV sedation.   The post operative photo was taken approximately 8 weeks after the removal.  The patient was very happy with the results.

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