Replacing Teeth In The Upper Jaw With Zygoma Implants

Replacing Teeth in the Upper Jaw with Zygoma Implants

Zygoma Before Intraoral in Scottsdale & Avondale, AZThere are some patients who have had the unfortunate experience of losing some or all of their upper teeth.  Initially, the missing teeth can be replaced with bridges or a removable denture. This solution may work for a while but over time, bone loss occurs as a result of tooth loss. In cases where only a few teeth are missing and there is still sufficient bone, conventional dental implants work well to support new teeth.

Zygoma Implants in Scottsdale & Avondale, AZThe upper jaw, however, is different from the lower in that the bone is not as strong. There are also hollow sinuses in the back part of the upper jaw that slowly enlarge over time when upper back teeth are removed. When bone loss is severe, there may be insufficient bone to place standard dental implants. This is where Zygoma Implants can make all the difference.

Zygoma After Intraoral in Scottsdale & Avondale, AZZygoma Implants are much longer than standard implants and are specifically designed to engage the cheek bone (Zygoma) from inside your mouth. The cheekbone is much stronger than the bone of the upper jaw (Maxilla) and is able to support upper fixed teeth. This can seem like a miracle for those patients who have been struggling with a loose, ill-fitting upper denture which is the result of severe bone loss.

Zygoma Implants have been thoroughly studied and have been found to be successful in the vast majority of cases. If you have been told that you are ‘not a candidate’ for implants in the upper jaw because of lack of sufficient bone, Zygoma Implants may be right for you. If you would like to find out more, please contact our office to schedule a complementary consultation.