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Moles, Skin Tags & Lesions

At Guyette Facial & Oral Surgery Center, Dr. Robert Guyette gets asked all the time “Can you remove this mole?”

Many times patients will be at one of our offices, either in Scottsdale or Avondale and they will tell us that they discussed mole removal with other doctors and have been told that the scar will be worse than the mole, or it is not cancer and does not need to be removed.  However, with today’s technology, most moles, skin tags, and lesions can be removed with excellent cosmetic results.

Using Lasers and other techniques, Dr. Robert Guyette successfully removes thousands of skin lesions every year. Unsightly dark spots, red raised angiomas, and other types of skin growth, such as skin tags, can be removed with local anesthesia. If there are many moles or lesions to be removed, IV sedation can be used to maximize patient comfort.  If a skin lesion is suspicious for cancer, it will be biopsied and sent for examination.

If you are at Guyette Facial & Oral Surgery Center for an oral surgery or a cosmetic procedure, please ask Dr. Robert Guyette or one of his knowledgeable staff members about the removal of the skin lesion.  We are happy to discuss what is possible and show you examples of these treatments.  Before and after photos of these treatments are on our website at

Book your appointment today at Guyette Facial & Oral Surgery – call 480-657-7065 for additional information or schedule a consultation.

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