Pros & Cons Of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal procedures are common among young patients, to prevent long term issues. But is wisdom tooth removal completely necessary? Read on to learn more about why this important procedure is recommended by health professionals.


The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Scottsdale & Avondale, AZ

Wisdom teeth are vestigial teeth and are the last to grow in, often causing crowding of the adult teeth as they come in. Some wisdom teeth never erupt from the gumline (called a soft-tissue impaction), some only partially erupt thorough the bone (partial impaction) and some never erupt (full-boney impaction).

All of these scenarios can lead to unpredictable outcomes in terms of oral health. Without the room to grow, these teeth typically cause issues over the patient’s lifetime, an can potentially lead to larger oral health issues down the line. Some of these issues include the formation of cysts on the jawbone or within the gumline that can damage the roots of healthy teeth. Un-erupted wisdom teeth are also prone to infection and can cause systematic issues within the jaw bone. In these cases, a wisdom tooth removal procedure takes out the surplus molars and prevents these oral issues from happening. Wisdom teeth removal is recommended for younger patients — especially if the roots and bone have yet to fully form.

When Wisdom Teeth Removal Sparks Concern

Wisdom teeth are not always bad. If they erupt normally and are aligned on the jaw, they can be left alone as long as there are no issues with neighboring teeth. The ability to clean these teeth is the primarily concern if they come in perfectly.

The process of removing wisdom teeth seems to be the problematic aspect of wisdom teeth procedures, who tend to not tolerate sedation, anethesia or pain-killers as well as their younger counterparts. For older patients, the removal may not be worth the potential problems it could create. However, the opposite is ture as well, and older adults might need these teeth removed BEFORE any other dental work can take place. For those thinking about the wisdom teeth removal surgery as an investment in their future, know that most dental surgery is easier without the wisdom teeth factoring in.

Ultimately, decisions regarding wisdom teeth removal are best left to patients, their dentists, and their oral surgeons. Weigh your options carefully before proceeding with removal or choosing to keep your wisdom teeth intact.

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