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Restylane Lyft for Younger Looking Hands

Dr. Robert Guyette has been using  dermal fillers for years to help his patients  look younger and rejuvenized.   Recently the FDA approved Restylane Lyft to volumize the back of hands and the results have been fantastic!

Restylane  Lyft is a hyaluronic acid filler that is the first and only injectable to be approved for an area other than the face.

83% of women say they have noticed SIGNS OF AGING IN THEIR HANDS!

As we age, our hands start to look older due to the loss of collagen and elastin and our skin becomes thinner. That leads to the veins and tendons of the hands become more visible.  Being out in the sun can lead to the dark spots that we start to notice over time.  All of these issues lead people to feel like their hands are showing their true age, even if their face looks great!

Volume loss from age can be corrected!

By injecting fillers into the hands, patients notice a plumper and smoother appearance to the skin by reducing  the visibility of sagging skin and wrinkles.  People  ask “Does it hurt?” and the answer, according to the patients seen at Guyette Surgery Center is  “it does not hurt at all”!

It is time to have your hands match your face!   Dr. Robert Guyette has been helping people look and feel great with surgical procedures, such as face lifts, and eyelid surgery.  He personally performs all procedures, including fillers and Botox.   At The MediSpa at Guyette Facial & Oral Surgery, we offer a wide range of treatments, from Customized Facials to Microneedling, IPL to Laser treatments, all of which help the skin on the face, neck and décolleté to look younger and feel fantastic.

Most people forget about the others areas that show their age as well.  One of which is the hands.  With the recent approval of fillers in the hands, Dr. Guyette can truly offer a solution to the question “What can I do about my hands?”  With the combination of Restylane Lyft and the use of IPL or the CO2 laser treatments, he get your hands looking younger, smoother, and rejuvenated!  Your hands will no longer give away your age

.Ready to have your hands look younger?   Trust in the board certified expertise of Dr. Robert Guyette, the MD and DMD in Arizona who specializes in Dermal Fillers.  Contact our office now! We have two locations for your convenience – Scottsdale 480-657-7065  and Avondale 623-512-4050.

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