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Rhinoplasty Photo Patient 9

Rhinoplasty Before/After Photo

This 34 year old female came to our office to discuss issues she was experiencing with sinus infections and headaches for the past few years. She explained that she has had trouble breathing thru her nose. Upon examination, Robert Guyette, DMD, MD found that the nasal passageway to be constricted bilaterally as the result of the turbinate hypertrophy and septal deviation.  After discussing the possible procedures that were available to her, Dr. Guyette and the patient agreed that a septoplasty along with the rhinoplasty would be a great option for her. In addition, the patient elected to have a mole removed from her left eye area during the procedure.  The surgery was a success.  The patient is very pleased with the physical change to her nose as well as the ability to breathe better.  The post operative photos were taken 7 months after the surgery.
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