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Nasal surgery was one of the first cosmetic procedures ever developed and is among those most frequently performed today. Also known as nose surgery, rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to improve function and aesthetics of the nose by creating a new profile and improving facial proportions. View our rhinoplasty before/after photos.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery

A rhinoplasty surgery can help those who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their nose by removing, rearranging or reshaping bone and cartilage.


Reasons for performing rhinoplasty include reducing the size of the nose and improving proportions of the nose. Disharmony of the nose may be a result of genetic traits or due to trauma to the face. Rhinoplasty can also help patients who have difficulty breathing through their nose and can be performed on nearly all age groups, including teens and the elderly.


How Rhinoplasty is Performed

A rhinoplasty procedure at Guyette Facial & Oral Surgery Center begins with a detailed medical history and evaluation. You and Dr. Robert Guyette will discuss the way your nose can be improved to be more in balance with other facial features. Digital photographs and computer imaging allow Dr. Guyette to evaluate the appropriate procedure to achieve the best results.


The rhinoplasty procedure involves reshaping of underlying bone and cartilage. Patients who have a deviated septum may benefit by correction at the same time as the rhinoplasty. Incisions are placed inside the nose, unless Dr. Guyette uses an open approach, in which case the incision is extended across the columella (the tissue between the nostrils). In cases where the nostrils flare, Dr. Guyette may make an incision at the junction between the nose and the skin of the cheek to narrow the flared appearance. It is common to combine rhinoplasty with chin augmentation to improve the facial profile.


Dr. Robert Guyette performs rhinoplasty at our licensed surgical facilities, usually under IV sedation. Patients report being very comfortable under this type of sedation which is comfortable, safe and results in less swelling and bruising than general anesthesia.

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I had jaw corrective surgery for an under bite. I chose Dr. Guyette and the Facial and Oral Surgery center to have my procedure done after going through several other qualified doctors. His expertise in the industry and great team make everything worth while.